Troubleshoot Windows 10 Search Not Working Issue

Windows 10 is made in such a way that you can solve most of your queries on it easily with the help of a few clicks. But it gets very problematic when its search tool doesn’t work at all. Luckily, some fixes can make it work.

Reasons Behind Windows 10 Search Not Working Problem

Updating to the latest version of Windows may lead to a problem with search.

There are situations where many people come across poor search results. This makes the search tool completely non-useful.

The top methods of solving Windows 10 Search issue

Restart your PC

An easy step of a reboot of the system can solve big issues in a few seconds. It is better to reboot the system rather than shutting it down.

Note: A shutdown can put your system into hibernation instead of switching it off.

Disable Cortana and then enable it

As Windows 10’s search tool is connected to Cortana, so turning it off and then on may solve your issues.

For doing it, follow the given below instructions.

  1. Firstly, do a right click on taskbar and press on Task Manager.
  2. Then, tap on Processes.
  3. Next, click on More Details.
  4. After that, go through the processes by Name by choosing a suitable option.
  5. Click on Cortana.
  6. Do a right click on Cortana.
  7. Lastly, press on End task.

Go to Windows Troubleshooter

  1. Firstly, go to the Windows 10 Settings menu by putting the combination of Control+I.
  2. Then, press on Update and security.
  3. After that, click on Troubleshoot.
  4. Next, press on Search and indexing.
  5. Click on the Run the troubleshooter option.
  6. Lastly, select according to your preference and press on Next. Observe that the troubleshooter has solved your issue.

Ensure that the search service is working

Sometimes the search service gets disabled by its own. To make it work you need to follow the given below instruction carefully.

  1. Firstly, put the combination of Window key+R to get the Run Window.
  2. After that, write ‘Services.msc.’
  3. Then, click on Enter.
  4. Look for Windows Search.  Note that if it enabled only then you need to do right-click on it and press on Restart. And if it is not running then do a right click on it and press on Start option.

For future purpose: If you want to ensure that this service will get started by its own as soon Windows starts working, then do follow the given below instructions.

  1. Firstly, do a right click on it.
  2. Click on Properties.
  3. Click on General option.
  4. Tap on Automatic.

Note: If any of the method mentioned above didn’t solve your problem, then I recommend you to do ‘full Windows reset.’

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How to get free Microsoft Office Subscription with New Laptops?

You might have noticed, Many laptops come with pre-installed software’s like antiviruses and tools. You might not have noticed but many of the laptops and computers come with free Microsoft Office Suite.

Does not matter what version of Microsoft Office is free with the laptop or the device but it is almost free. Depending on the fact that you need to buy a laptop and do some research before buying the laptop. Simple as that.

So we went out in the market and found some amazing laptops with great configurations and free Windows 10 and Microsoft Office Pre-installed.

Some laptop brands were even exclusively selling there laptops with Office pre installed on it.

Office-setup on - LAptops

After we did some research on this laptop market we even found HP, Dell and other major competitors were also selling laptops with Office pre-installed on it.

But on a deeper survey we found that many retailers were selling cracked Microsoft Office on the Free Dos version of Laptops and they had already added the price of the Office subscription on MRP.

To be sure on how to find a laptop that is totally authentic and has a legit Office subscription you must check for the logo of original Microsoft Office Product on the front or the back side of the laptop.

To verify your Office Subscription you can simply visit and verify your Subscription by logging in to your Office Account.

Steps to revert to previous version of Office setup 2016 click-to-run

Microsoft never made a secret of the fact that most of the updates are at first made unavailable for a majority of Office 365 customers at the same time. Sometimes, customers have to wait for months to get their hands on the latest updates via However, even if made available, sometimes these updates do not live up to their promises and compel the users to switch back to previous Office setup 2016 version.

Office Setup 2016

Considerable facts to revert to earlier version of Office setup 2016 Click-to-run

In this chapter, we will discuss the recommended steps on how to revert to the earlier version of Office setup 2016 Click-to-run, if an update isn’t working right.

Please note: By default, Office Setup 2016 Click-to-run version is configured to automatically install office 365 on your Office 365 installation whenever they are made available for public access. But sometimes, due to technical issues or other problems, you are compelled to revert to an earlier version of Office Setup 365 Click-to-run installation with Office setup product key.

For instance, an automatic update may trigger an abnormal behavior in one of your Office applications. In this scenario, you might want to revert to the older version and stick with it until a new version is made available via that addresses the problem you experienced.

Before you decide to revert, make sure to check whether the issue is severe or negligible – also weigh the consequences of rejecting the benefits of having better performance, robust security and reliable improvements that come with the latest Click-to-run updates. Such updates are accessible via after an official release.

To revert to the previous version, you need first to disable the automatic update option and set a reminder to re-enable the updates, so you don’t miss the future updates.

Follow the steps to revert to previous version of Office setup 2016 click-to-run

  1. Find out and note the previous version number. Go to the link “Microsoft Office 2016 Click-to-run update” to locate the update version that is previous to current version.
  2. Go to download link center and locate Office Deployment Tool executable “Setup.exe” file and a sample configuration “XML” file.
  3. Start Notepad and copy the following XML file, then save the file (Config.Xml) in the exact location as the Setup.exe file exist.


<Updates Enabled=”TRUE” TargetVersion=”16.0.xxxxx.yyyyy” />


  1. Click on “Start” and enter “cmd” in the search box, then right-click the cmd.exe. Run the file as administrator and then head back to Setup.exe and Config.Xml file location.
  2. Run the following command

setup.exe /configure config.xml

  1. Start an Office app such as Excel or PowerPoint and then select “Account”
  2. Go to the product information option and locate “Update Option” button. Click on “Update now”

Office.Com/Setup – Apple’s Mac App Store Welcomes MS Office 365

Fulfilling on its promise Apple has now welcomed Microsoft’s Office 365 to its Mac Store. This great news has made the New Year a happy one for those who are Apple loyalist, yet secretly wished for Microsoft Office. Microsoft is making its Office suite available on Apple’s Mac App Store after a short delay for the first time.

Until now, those who wished to use Microsoft Office and its popular products like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote had to visit the Microsoft website and download it from there and apply. The software giant has specially designed this version of Office 365 for Mac to enhance the experience of its new users by supporting features unique to Mac like Dark Mode, Continuity Camera in macOS, as well as the MacBook Pro Touch Bar and Mac’s industry-leading Trackpad. Available now in the neat package in Mac App Store Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive are all included as part of the Microsoft Office 365 App bundle. The user needs an Office 365 subscription to use tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. The apps, which earlier needed Microsoft’s separate AutoUpdate (MAU), will be now updated automatically.

Shaan Pruden, senior director of worldwide developer relation at Apple, told that the lack of bundling was the major roadblock while entering the partnership earlier, after coming to an agreement on it we are ready for this great collaboration.

Apple Inc., senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller, also welcomed Microsoft to the Mac App Store. He congratulated the two companies, who have worked really hard in bringing the excellent Office productivity to the Mac owners, now with its availability in the Mac App Store, it will be possible to provide our iPad, iPhone and Mac users the most advanced and latest version of Office 365.

This step is the best example of an expansion that Microsoft under its CEO Satya Nadella. Microsoft, which powers nine out of 10 personal computers in the world with its monopoly-making software, is looking beyond its obsession with Windows and company is extending a friendly hand even towards its stiff rivals. Although the two tech giants disclose no specifics about the financial arrangements, one can only guess what this partnership would be worth cost.

For Mac and Apple users primarily in the IT industry, it is so far the best offering by the company in recent times.

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How to Learn Create a Bootable USB in Windows 10?

CD and DVD are the most revolutionary innovation for the storage and transportation of data of data, but they passed there last age. USB replaced them entirely from the trend, and now there are very few people who used to burn CD and DVD. USB is more convenient and friendly gadget then CD.

Generally, we had been using CD to boot our system during format and reinstallation of the operating system. Now, when CD is out of fashion, then we also have to move forward and try to use USB for the installation purpose.

Now, the question arises that how can we convert a USB into bootable form.

Following steps help you to convert your USB into bootable.

Phase 1

  1. Place your USB into your system.
  2. Go to the window button, type cmd into the search box. It opens the command prompt window. Select Run as Administrator to open the command prompt.
  3. You can do it by Pressing Window and r button simultaneously and then open command prompt by entering cmd.
  4. When Cmd screen appears, write and enter didkpart.
  5. Wait for a while till utility starts it’s functioning.
  6. Write list disk in the Diskpart prompt and press enter. This reflects all drives which are live on your system.
  7. It is possible that you can find only two class of disk.

8. Your hard drive is represented as Disk 0, and the USB with its storage capacity refer as Disk1.

 As we are planning to make USB bootable, so select Disk1 tom perform your action.

  • Press Enter after writing select disk 1 into the on-screen prompt. It reverts you with an alert asking that “ Disk 1 is now the selected disk “.

This message tries to convey to you that any activity from now infects the disk1.              

Phase 2

  1. Write clean and press enter button to erase all the information present in the USB.
  2. It will format the USB and flash a message asking that Diskpart successfully clean your USB.
  3. Press Enter after writing “create primary partition”. It will forward a message to you about the successful creation of partition of your USB.
  4. Select Partition 1 and press Enter. It sets partition into the active state.
  5. Select Active and press Enter.
  6. Select format fs=ntfs quick and press Enter.
  7. Select exit and press enter. Now you are out of Diskpart program but not from cmd.
  8. Now you can burn the content into it by some simple cmd commands.

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Encrypt Files & Folders on Windows?

To encode records and envelopes in Windows, you can use two primary inherent encryption capacities. BitLocker is the favored and most secure technique, yet it won’t permit you effectively to choose and encode singular records and envelopes (you can do this by making a scrambled document compartment utilizing VHD.)

Encrypting File System (EFS) is the option, yet isn’t suggested for super-touchy information. The third alternative to encode documents and organizers in Windows is to utilize outsider programming; for Microsoft OS releases like Windows 10 Home, it is the main choice.

Encryption patterns for endeavors

Research by Gemalto found that 1,901,866,611 information records were ruptured in the main portion of 2017, however under 5 percent of breaks included scrambled information.

The “2018 Global Encryption Trends Study” (paywall), supported by Thales, shows that in the course of recent years there has been an enduring increment in associations with an encryption system connected reliably over the whole venture. In 2017, the figure was 43 percent.

Before you begin to encode documents and envelopes in Windows

Scrambled documents are not 100 percent secure. Programmers can, but with trouble, sidestep encryption. You’re in danger on the off chance that you store cryptographic keys and passwords in a decoded document or if a programmer has planted a keylogger on your framework. Keyloggers can be introduced by malware on your PC.

In the event that you scramble a solitary document with EFS, your PC will store a decoded rendition of that record in its impermanent memory, so a programmer may at present have the capacity to get to it. In the event that your information is extremely important, consider a paid, master, cloud encryption arrangement.

Continuously make decoded reinforcements of your records on the off chance that you lose your passwords. Store them in a safe physical area, ideally disconnected.

Choose precisely what you need/need to scramble. This will figure out what encryption strategy you use. Peruse To encode or not to scramble records and organizers in Windows? beneath.

An EFS scrambled document loses its encryption on the off chance that you move it to a Fat 32 or exFAT drive, or transmit it through a system or email. EFS likewise does not shield documents from being erased except if you have utilized Windows consents to ensure it. You can’t scramble a compacted document or organizer with EFS; you have to separate the substance first.

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